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Signing Ceremony of the Agreement Between China with UNESCO on IRTCES




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会 见 Meeting
· 图片:正式会见前友好交流
PIC: Before the Meeting
· 图片:友好会谈
PIC: Meeting
· 图片:参加会谈的双方代表
PIC: Delegates of Both Sides
· 图片:部长风采
PIC: Minister of Water Resources, P. R. China
· 图片:总干事风采
PIC: Director General of UNESCO
· 图片:赠送礼物
PIC: Present Gifts


Signing Ceremony

· 水利部国际合作与科技司高波司长主持签字仪式
GAO Bo, Director-General of Department of International Cooperation, Science & Technology, MWR., P. R. China acts as a moderator
· 泥沙中心主任匡尚富致感谢词
KUANG Shangfu, Director of IRTCES, delivers a note of thanks
· 图片:致词
PIC: Deliver Speech
· 图片:签字
PIC: Agreement Signing
· 图片:祝贺
PIC: Celebration
· 图片:见证历史时刻的泥沙中心职工代表
PIC: IRTCES Staff Witness the Historic Period



Media Reports

· 国际泥沙信息网:中国政府与联合国教科文组织重新签订关于国际泥沙研究培训中心的协定
International Network on Erosion and Sedimentation: Chinese Government and UNESCO Signed an Agreement concerning IRTCES (in Chinese)
· 中国政府网:中国与联合国教科文组织签署关于国际泥沙研究培训中心协定
Chinese Central Government's Official Web: China and UNESCO Signed an Agreement concerning IRTCES (in Chinese)
· 联合国教科文组织国际水文计划:泥沙中心与UNESCO重签协 定(英文)
UNESCO-IHP: Renewed agreement between the International Research and Training Centre on Erosion and Sedimentation and UNESCO
· 联合国教科文组织北京办事处:联合国教科文组织-泥沙中心协定签署仪式(英文)
UNESCO Office Beijing: UNESCO-IRTCES Agreement Signing in Ceremony
· 新华社:我国泥沙问题研究处于世界主导地位
Xinhua News Agency: Research on Erosion and Sediment in China Plays Leading role in the World (in Chinese)
· 中国新闻网:中国泥沙问题严重 与联合国教科文组织加强合作
China News Service: China Strengthens Cooperation with UNESCO  to Cope with Serious Sediment Problems (in Chinese)
· 人民日报(2005年12月1日第六版):国际泥沙研究 我居主导地位
People's Daily(Dec. 1, 2005): Leading Role in International Sediment Initiative (in Chinese)
· 水利部网:中国政府与联合国教科文组织签署关于国际泥沙研究培训中心协定
MWR, PR China: China and UNESCO signed an agreement concerning IRTCES
· 中国水利网、中国水利报(2005年12月3日第一版):中国政府与联合国教科文组织签署关于国际泥沙研究培训中心协定
China Water and China Water Resources News: Chinese Government and UNESCO Signed Agreement on IRTCES (in Chinese)
· 世界泥沙研究学会:中国与联合国教科文组织签署关于国际泥沙研究培训中心协定(英文)
WASER: China and UNESCO signed an agreement concerning IRTCES
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