(4 - 6 September 2002)

Before the symposium a short course on flood control engineering and flood risk analysis is provided by the Research Center on Flood and Drought Disaster Reduction of Ministry of Water Resources of China with main topics:

  • Risk Analysis

  • Stream Bank Protection

  • Toe Scour Determination

  • Hydraulic Analysis and Riprap Design

Lectures given in the short course are:

    1. Introduction to probabilistic techniques and risk management        

    By Prof. J. Vrijling

    2. Flood risk assessment in the Netherlands        

    By Prof. J. Vrijling and Ir.S.N. Jonkman

    3. Ring-dike approach; pilot cases from the Netherlands                  

    By Prof. J. Vrijling and Ir. S.N. Jonkman

    4. High water information system (HIS)                                     

    By Ir. S.N. Jonkman

    5. Failure mechanisms of water defences

    By Prof. J. Vrijling and Dr. G. Hoffmans

    6. Actual strength of dikes

    By Dr. G. Hoffmans

    7. Monitoring of safety

    By Ir. K.W. Pilarczyk and Dr. G. Hoffmans

    8. Structural design and alternatives                  

    By Ir. K.W. Pilarczyk

    9. Design and construction of the trial engineering for riverbank collapse treatment  

          By Prof. Yongjian Huang

    10. Reinforcement Design and Construction of Yangtze River Dyke

    By Prof. Wenchou Yu  


(12 September 2002)

The International Society for Environmental Information Sciences (ISEIS) is a non-profit membership organization of individuals, institutions and corporations. The society is dedicated to the development of information systems technology for environmental applications. It promotes the international exchange of knowledge in the field of environmental information systems research. The society provides a forum to address issues relevant to foundations, techniques and tools of environmental information sciences. The forum brings together scientists, engineers and managers from a broad range of disciplines with common interests. The primary activities include organizing international conferences and regional workshops, as well as distributing publications. ISEIS publishes its official premier publication, the Journal of Environmental Information Sciences, in addition to newsletters. The society is exploring any opportunity to help its members succeed at the leading edge of their profession. As its vision, ISEIS is working towards to be an influential contributor of scientifically sound information to environmental science and engineering. Liaison person of the society is: Dr. Gordon G.H. Huang, Regina University of Canada, Email: Gordon.huang@uregina.ca

The ISEIS 2002 Specialty Conference on Environmental Information Systems will be held under the 2nd International Symposium on Flood Defense on 12 Sep.2002. The conference's main theme is Information Systems for Water Resources Management. The aim of the conference is to bring together leading researchers in the related areas to share ideas on theories, techniques and tools of information systems for water resources management, and to look at future perspectives and requirements. The ISEIS hopes that the conference will also stimulate global cooperation in the area of environmental information sciences. The ISEIS'2002 encourages contributions describing basic research and novel applications in terms of information technologies for water resources management and flood defense. Further information about the ISEIS meeting is available at http://env.uregina.ca/iseis/Events.htm




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