You are cordially invited to attend the Second International Symposium on Flood Defence. The Tsinghua University, the Research Center on Flood and Drought Disaster Reduction of the Ministry of Water Resources of China, the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research and the International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation, are the organizers of the conference. The purpose of the symposium is to review the state-of-the-art of the studies on flooding and engineering and non-engineering strategies. It will focuses on a better understanding of flooding and environmental problems, different perspectives evolved, climate change and its impact on extreme hydrological events, and reporting new approaches to the study and flood control strategies. The symposium provides not only a forum but also a chance for the participants to see the development of hydraulic engineering in China. All the members of the local organization committee will be very happy to meet you during the great gathering and to share with you the experiences, challenges and opportunities in flood defence research and engineering.  

The symposium is designed to attract researchers, practitioners, educators and public officials working or interested in flood control. Researchers will have the opportunity to share recent findings and techniques, and describe applications of new approaches with innovative methodologies to flooding problems. Practitioners can present recent experiences and discuss problems needing research, both in formal and informal settings. Educators can participate in organized discussions on issues in continuing education and training and share current efforts linking education, practice, and research. Public officials charged with responsibility for flood control and environmental quality will benefit from hearing current trends in research and applications, and can alert the profession to evolving needs in research and application. 

The conference attracts attention of many eminent professionals from all over the world. The LOC received about 300 abstracts. Among them 224 papers are published in the 2 volumes of the conference proceedings by the Science Press New York Ltd. Most of them will be presented and discussed in the symposium. By not only scientists and engineers the conference will be attended also by high-ranking officials, such as the ministers of water resources of China and Bangladesh, and representatives of the world Bank. 

The symposium will be held in the China Hall of Science & Technology (Convention Center), which is in the downtown of Beijing (10-15 min. to the Tian¨anmen Square by subway or taxi). Beijing, is the capital city of China with a history of 3000 years. It is the cultural, political and tourism center of China with many hotels of international standards and convenient transportation and communication facilities. I believe that with the efforts of all participants and the local organization committee the workshop will be fruitful and enjoyable and will be remembered as an event of success, cooperation and friendship.


Zhaoyin Wang, Chairman, Local Organization Committee for the Second International symposium on Flood Defence  


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