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 Conference Organization
·Tohoku University


·Tohoku University

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Opening Ceremony
· Ceremony
· Welcome speech by Prof. Hitoshi Tanaka, Chairman of LOC
· Welcome speech by Prof. Nobuyuki Tamai, president of IAHR
· Welcome speech by Prof. Joseph H. W. Lee, vice-president of IAHR
Welcome speech by Prof. Hu Chunhong, Secretary General and Deputy Director of IRTCES
Keynote Lectures
Joseph H. W. Lee (Hong Kong, China)
Mixing of Inclined Dense Jet Discharges

Byung Ho Choi (Korea)
Perturbation of Tidal Current and Sedimentation Regimes doe to a Barrier at Saemangeum

Tatsuo Omura (Japan)
Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Humic-Iron Complex in Matsushima Bay
Parallel Sessions
· S1-Estuarine and Coastal Processes
S2-Eco-environuent and Its Protection; Estuarine and Coastal management
S3-Coastal Hazard; Reasearch Techonology for Estuarine Engineering
Meet with Vietnam Water Resources University
· Discussion issues of the 4th ICEC-2012 hosted by WRU
Technical Tour
· Yamamoto Coast
· Abukuma River Estuary
Close Ceremony
· Close Ceremony and Farewell Banquet
MoU Signing between IRTCES and ICHARM
· Exchanging Meeting
· MoU Signing Ceremony
· ICHARM Visiting and Exchanging
Kyoto University Vist
· Visit the Conference Hall of 12th ISRS
· Exchanging Meeting
· Laboratery Visit