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·International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation (IRTCES)
·Water Resources University, Hanoi, Vietnam (WRU)




Permanent Secretariat

   International Technical Committee
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Conference Theme:

Vision and Imagination – Water in an Era of Change


Opening Ceremony
· Opening Ceremony Hall
· Prof. Nguyen Quang Kim, LOC Chairman and WRU Vector, makes Speech
· Dr. Hoang Van Thang, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam makes speech
· Dr. Nghiem Vu Khai Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of Vietnam, makes Speech
· Prof. Liu Guangquan Deputy Director of IRTCES, makes Speech
· IProf. Hitoshi Tanaka, Chairman of IAHR-APD, makes speech
· Ms. Pham Hong Nga, Head of International Cooperation Office of WRU, chairs the Ceremony
Plenary Sessions
· Plenary Session 1: H. Tanaka (Japan); Dao X. H. (Vietnam); M. Stive (the Neatherlands); R. Ranzi(Italy). Chairmen: M. Stive; Nguyen Q.K.
· Plenary Session 2: N. Tamai (Japan); Deng J.Q. (China). Chairmen: Liu C.; Trinh M.T.
· Plenary Session 3: D. Roelvink (the Neatherlands); M. Larson (Swiden); J.H.W. Lee (Hong Kong, China). Chairmen: Deng J.Q.; Le D.T.
 Parallel Sessions
· ·Room 1——Coastal and Estuaries Hydrodynamics
· ·Room 2——Environmental and Ecological Hydraulics/ Water
                   resources and Hydrology
· Room 3——Coastal structures/Coastal Hazards/Research
                  Technologies for Estuaries Engineering
· Room 4——Estuaries and Coastal Management /Climate changes
 Technical Tour
  ·Technical Tour
Closing Ceremony
· ·Prof. Nguyen Quang Kim, WRU Vector, making summary speech
· ·Prof. Liu Guangquan Deputy Director of IRTCES, expresses appreciation to the LOC
· ·Prof. Liu Guangquan Deputy Director of IRTCES, announces the next ICEC venue
· ·Prof. Hitoshi Tanaka, on behalf of the next ICEC organizer, reads letter from the LOC Chairman of the Sultan Qaboos University
· ·Prof. Wang Lianxiang, IAHR-APD Secretary, introduces the 35th IAHR Congress and the 19th IAHR-APD Congress

Gale Dinner
· ·Gale Dinner

Other Meetings


· Meeting for discussing the 19th IAHR-APD Congress and future ICEC
· Meeting between Chinese delegates and faculty members of Civil Engineering of WRU who had studied and graduated from Chinese Universities



· ·Registration and Coffee Break
· ·Group photos
·  More Pictures

· ·ICEC-2012 Proceedings